Hi my name is Jeff Howell and I have let fear keep me from doing some amazing things Have you tried to make decisions but all of a sudden you let fear keep you from moving forward? And I've done that many times. This fear has kept me from taking some risks in my career. That's kept me from calling that client that is really close to signing a contract but all a sudden I feel like they won't do it because of fear. It's kept me from speaking in front of people when I should. It's kept me from voicing my opinion. It's kept me from sending out a resume to a company that may be would be a good fit. It's kept me from learning how to be a good dad. It's kept me from learning how to be a good husband It's captured a big part of my life and sometimes that's embarrassing to even admit. That a 41 almost 42 year old guy as allowed fear to really keep me from doing some truly awesome things. I think it's combined with what I talked about in the video from a few days ago, imposter syndrome, where that imposter syndrome, combined with fear has kept me from making some solid connections with some people. I don't know what to say. I don't know how to act sometimes. I want to impress them but, should I really impress them? Will they find me out? I just me as Jeff good enough to even be talking to this person? 

That fear handicaps me and fear has also kept me from getting out of my comfort zone and loving people. Our time Minnesota I created some very solid relationships and then when we moved here in Michigan some of that fear kept me from really making some solid connections. We've been here just 6 years already and I only have myself to blame for not having the kind of friends that I need. Fear has also kept me from being the best dad and best husband I can be. Fear of screwing my kids or not being a good parent, not giving the right advice, or disciplining the right way. Maybe being told I'm an awful parent or an awful husband. I've been afraid to be vulnerable to people. Even now in this video I'm talking about fear and it's scary. This is about as vulnerable as I've been in a long time, sharing my story with you through this video format. This is scary. Sitting here on the other side of this iPhone recording myself and editing it and then putting it out on the interweb is scary and vulnerable. Fear has kept me from doing something like this. I think fear has kept me from sharing my story with people. I don't want to do that anymore. Sharing my story can be scary. 

So this is sort of my little way of conquering that fear. Sharing a little bit about who I am and sharing my story. Hopefully it is encouraging to somebody. Erwin McMannius, he's a pastor of a church called Mosaic in California. He would say that "freedom lies on the other side of your fears". Sometimes you have to conquer your fear, push through your fear. On the other side of that fear is where your freedom lies. So I hope that's a little bit encouraging to you. You're not alone, if you've let fear keep you from doing great things. I'm a poster child for letting fear keep you from doing some great things. So I'm here today telling you don't let fear do that. Take one step forward. Do some cool stuff. Conquer your fear and move forward on the other side of that fear is where your freedom.

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