Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

My name is Jeff Howe and I have imposter syndrome. I don't know if you're familiar with imposter syndrome but it's where you think that you were not as good as you really are where you feel like there is no way that you can be as good as you actually are. I suffer from this big time. Part of me is like how am I surrounded by these great group of people, or how am I connected with really big names in the marketing world; people who get it who are doing some amazing things.

And here I am, this guy that has failed so many times. Sometimes I think people are people going to think I'm a complete fraud and that they're going to find me out. That I'm not as good as I as I say that I am or that my resumé says that I can do these things. Then when I get into the job, or into whatever project I'm working on, I can't do it. That's how I feel sometimes when I think of imposter syndrome. I feel like at any moment some is going to look at me, they're going to scratch the surface and all of a sudden they're going to find out that I'm not who I say that I am. That's fear and that sucks. That feeling deep down inside that makes you always wonder if someone is going to find out that you're not that great. It's kept me from making decisions who have moved me and my family forward. 

It's kept me from doing some of these videos. I've had some of this equipment for a little while and I haven't done that because I'm afraid to share my story. I'm afraid that someone is going to think I can't speak well or that I'm not as good at this as I as I think I am. Even now I'm like there's no way I should post this, it's a stupid idea and I should just quit before I start. So it's kept me from doing things that I could have been doing moving forward. I've missed out on opportunities in my career or making different steps or moving in different directions.

This imposter syndrome. I don't know how many people feel like that. I don't know how many people are suffering from this idea that you're not that good or you're not good enough that you're dealing with this imposter syndrome. You aren't making the right decisions that you need to make to move your soul forward. I'm really hoping that you can move beyond that. I hope this story can help you see that you are good enough that you can do it, you can move forward whether or not somebody thinks that you're not as good as you say you are. What really matters is that you're doing the work and you're doing what you need to do. You're making some great things you're creating you're doing awesome things for your clients or for your employer. Ultimately that's all that matters. Hopefully you'll see more of these videos coming soon. Stick with me on this journey. 

I'm just getting started. I'm really not good at this right now. I hope I'm going to get better the more I do it. So thank you for watching and we'll see next time. 

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