I was inspired this week

This week I attended the Social Media Week in Lima, Ohio created by NOW Marketing and I was inspired to begin something that I was challenged to do months ago. 

Over the last few years I have been connected with some impressive speaking & marketing talent. Sometimes I suffer from some serious imposter syndrome, but I am assured by this group that I do indeed belong. 

I had a phone conversation with one of my connections and I was just telling her my story; about where I came from, the struggles and wins that I have experienced. She encouraged me to find a way to share my story, but I didn't know how until now. 

One of the presenters at this conference has been on an exciting road of discovery and sharing content every day until he reaches 300 days. This short fomat and quick jump cuts appealed to by style and I realized that this is something that I can easily do. 

So, this website and YouTube channel was born. I intend to share content 2-3 days per week and I believe that I have a format in the works. This is scary. I'm not sure if I am completely ready to share the things I have been through with a large audience, but I believe the time is right now. Maybe this will be an epic disaster. Maybe this will be a huge success. Either way, I think I have to try. 

Care to come along?