Hi my name is Jeff Howell I'm an ambivert. If you're not familiar with that term, it's similar to the term ambidextrous. Where you can use your both of your hands to do similar tasks. Some people learn it as they go. Like my dad for instance. He grew up being left handed, but broke his left arm and then had to learn how to write and do things with his right hand. And even today he may still write with his right but he'll eat with his left hand. Being an ambivert is very similar to that respect. You can be outgoing be around a large group of people like an extrovert. But then at the end of the day you're just exhausted, you're depleted, you're wiped out.

I think there used to be this stigma attached to people who were introvert. Somebody who was an introvert would be looked upon as being quiet or antisocial or maybe depressed or whatever. That's not the case. I think people expected me to be outgoing while I was growing up. I was a really outgoing personality but I found out at the end of the day that I was just exhausted drained I never really understood why until I learned that there was this introvert vs. extrovert thing.

I think a really cool example of this when I met my wife. She was the youngest of six and so she has a very large family. A couple days before our wedding, we had a get together with her famimly in our little apartment. We had 20-25 people our little two bedroom apartment celebrating with us. And I ended up hiding out in one of the bedrooms because I was just so overwhelmed by all the people in a small space. I always prided myself as being a guy who could be outgoing and talk to a bunch of people. But then again I was just exhausted at the end of the day.

My wife is very outgoing gets her energy by hanging out around a bunch of people. She's an extrovert, for her that alone time sometimes can drain her and she gets her energy by being around a lot of people. When we have people coming over to our house and at the end of it I'm kind of exhausted.

So if you've ever felt like people have said to you, "Are you depressed or something" beacause you're introverted or "Are you OK?" or "Why do you need your quiet time", there's nothing wrong with that. Don't allow other people's expectations to dictate how you regain your energy.

If you need that downtime, take a bubble bath, watch sports buy yourself, watch some Netflix on your own. Don't anybody else dictate what you do with your recharge time. If you're an extrovert and you recharge, go be around a bunch of people and have a great time. If you're an introvert it's OK for have that quiet time on your own. That's OK. And if you're an ambivert like me, when you can go out and you can speak in front of a bunch of people, at the end of the day you're just done. You need to be charge that's okay too. I use the term peopling like sometimes I'm just people out. I hope you enjoy this story. There's going to be more coming down the road. We'll see you next time.