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Stories you can relate to


What is your story? Your life experiences create amazing stories you can tell. No matter how small, or how insignificant you may think they are, the way you overcome can have a meaningful impact on someone. It may challenge someone else to be better or inspire them to action. Don't be afraid to share your story.


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Here is what I hope happens with my stories

I hope you come with me on this road of sharing my stories. 

While I share my story in small, 3-5 minute segments, I hope that you will listen. I hope that when I talk about my mistakes, you'll either relate to me or be able to avoid making the same ones. 

I hope that you'll get to know me better and maybe open up discussions offline and build stronger relationships. 

I would like to talk with your people too

If you like what you read and hear about my stories, I would love the opportunity to share my story with you or your group in person. Contact me and we can have a conversation about sharing my story or why sharing your stories is important.

Everyone has a story. Let's talk about how you can share yours.



I’ll share my stories with you. I'll be vulnerable, raw, sometimes funny, but most of all, I hope that what I share with you will somehow make your life better.

About Me

hi. MY NAME IS jeff

I'm a perfectly imperfect person. Sometimes I'm not the best dad or husband and most of the time, I don't know what I'm doing. I'm messy and I make mistakes. But through lots of grace, forgiveness, and love, I'm making my way through life with an amazing family. I hope that I somehow leave this world just a little bit better than when I got here.